Our mission is to provide an inexpensive, high-quality hosting service to those who are interested in participating. The expenses involved in providing such a service will be covered by donations and service fees. We will create a community and welcome everyone to join. We will disseminate knowledge about our various technologies and how they can be best utilized.

You can learn more about the history, purpose, and future of our organization and community through our about page. Also please keep an eye on the news page for updates on our organization.


The first step toward attaining our mission has been to set up a community hosting service. This service is available at a nominal price to everyone who would like to join our community. The most common use of this service is hosting domains and webpages, but it can also can provide features such as email, programming (PHP, Perl, ...), MySQL, and more.

Additionally, while striving to create a highly accessible service, we have developed and will continue to enhance an easy-to-use web-based interface to many of the available services. In accordance with our goal of enabling others to follow in our direction, all of the software which we develop or customize is available in source-code form, providing others a chance to adopt and enhance our work.


Our growing community is facilitated through various communication technologies, providing a common ground for people to share their ideas on a wide variety of topics -- in addition to plain old socializing. We seek to learn from other interesting and successful communities. You may visit our community via community.epfarms.org.