Purchase an Account:

The services we offer are ultimately defined by what we are trying to accomplish. The best way for you to help us meet our goals is to take advantage of these services. The more thoroughly you utilize what we can provide, the closer we come to satisfying our mission. For more information on what we offer, see the pricing page. To join now, see the join page.

Be Active in the Community:

We strive to maintain an active, close-knit community. This community builds on itself, allowing each of its members to learn from one another and invest back. The community ultimately provides Eggplant Farms with its vitality and strength. Participating in our community can be done both via the community site and via subscription to the community-help mailing list. We encourage you to be active on both!

Spread the Word:

A great way to contribute is to tell those around you about Eggplant Farms. We don't feel right creating an advertising budget out of the money we promised would go to providing you with service. That means you get to be our advertising department! So spread the word! Let those around you hear about your experiences with us, what we have to offer, and of course what we stand for. An article or a link on your website would be very much appreciated!

Lend Us a Hand:

There's always a development project or two going on at Eggplant Farms. These projects are often interesting and rewarding, and might even look good on a resume. Skills ranging from perl development to tax law (and just about anything in between) are always of use to us. If you're interested, a great place to start would be subscription to the epfarms-talk mailing list. Tell us your talents and we'll show you our to-do list.

Some useful skills include: php, perl, mysql, graphic design, web design, financial/tax-law experience, unix security, shell scripting, web services (like DNS), customer service skills, and more.

Join Our Team:

If you are interested in becoming an official volunteer on the staff of Eggplant Farms, we'd love to have you. Contact for more information and possible openings. Please include a resume or list of skills and experience if possible. We'll be especially happy to have you if you've already contributed via one or more of the methods above.

Send Us Presents:

Charitable contribution was the central means of generating revenue in one business model considered by Eggplant Farms. The idea was simple. If people were willing to give from what they could afford for hosting, those who had a few dollars to spare could cover some of the cost of hosting for those who didn't. Sadly, this model proved to be ineffective and was never implemented.

That doesn't mean we won't take donations though! Donations of money and equipment will be used to facilitate upgrades, invigorate projects, and allow us to offer charitable services to good causes. For information on what to do with your equipment donations, contact To send money, simply click on the PayPal link below. Note that all donations are tax-deductible. You will be issued a receipt for your donation. Documentation on how your donation was utilized will be made available to you.