Here are some sites that I think you should love...

LiveJournal - Its just addicting! :) - A fun way to exchange postcards with people in other countries! - Send random mail to a random person. Fun!

A good IR FAQ - Everything you've ever wanted to know about IR Photography!

deviantArt & - Also addicting!

- I'm so glad they are taking off...
I found one of these in Arizona around 1998 on a trip. It was Blue Bubblegum Soda. When I got back home to California, I tried to find them and couldn't.
I called the company and there was this one 7-11 that had them. So I would drive so far to stock up every couple of months.
NOW they are everywhere, I'm so happy for that!

- These are amazing! Whoe else can make lollipops with real bacon or real absinthe in them?

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